While National Safety Month, is already over, we would like to be remind our readers that factory safety should be of utmost importance at all times of the year, not just for National Safety Month!

Aeromet takes pride in everything that we do, and that includes making sure that our employees are safe and healthy. For the size shop that we have, we go above and beyond. We have everything from emergency preparedness action plans for disaster to expensive floor scrubbing equipment to ensure that people do not slip and fall on lubricants. Another thing that we stay on top of is the lighting on our factory floor. Due to the type of work that we do, proper lighting is exceptionally important. We have invested in a new lightening technology for the plant that helps to create a better work environment.

In order to make sure that we do not have downtime in the factory, we employ a couple of laborers who keep an eye on things and clean up as they go. Programs and preventative maintenance gets run as needed, yet it does not interrupt the flow of our factory floor.

There is nothing more important to us than our employees safety, and we work at ensuring that accidents or mishaps are slim to none.