We don't design a 5 —year mandrel, we design a 25 —year mandrel!

Aeromet recoiler and uncoiler drums provide higher production capacity than any other mandrel drums on the market. At Aeromet Industries, we've earned a reputation for having mandrels with efficient, application-tested designs in coil processing operations over the past 40 years.

Our mandrel drums are durable, and are designed to fit into your operation and be easily maintained by your maintenance staff. Ultimately, we have three ways to ensure that your equipment is continuously running properly and saving you money.

  • Equipment Assessment In most cases, metal producers have a general overview of the equipment they use, but don't specialize in any one particular area. If your mandrel drum isn't running properly, you're not getting the most out of your product. Our inspectors follow a documented inspection process, so making decision will be easy and budget-risk will be reduced.

  • Repair level We're the experts — We'll bring in the equipment, to be inspected, disassemble it, diagnose the problems based on the symptoms, and put a repair plan in action. We can repair equipment that is old or worn. Buying new equipment is not always the solution.

  • Aeromet Mandrels are Top-of-the-Line Aeromet mandrels are constructed and designed with great precision. That means the product is designed to last for at least 25 years of normal use, and you receive the maximum amount of throughput because there is no unexpected downtime. Our mandrels are warrantied for two years, but due to the high quality of the product, it is unlikely that you would need it.

Holiday Cost Savings The Aeromet Assessment Program is featuring a special cost savings opportunity during November and December of this year. Perfect timing for the holiday down times. Visit www.aerometindustries.com of call us at (219) 924-7442. Ask for Neil Wahlberg.