For years, we have been looking at manufacturing in the wrong way. Popular culture has taught us that manufacturing is all about dark, dirty factory floors, filled with miserable workers doing mindless repetitive tasks. While that might have been the case 100 years ago, things have radically changed. Today, manufacturing is more about problem solving and utilizing the newest high-tech gadgets and cutting-edge processes. However, perhaps the best part of manufacturing is that those involved get to see the fruits of their labor. So many modern jobs involve pushing paper from one end of a desk to another. You might work 8 hours a day, but do you get to create anything from scratch? Can you put your hands on a finished product? It may not sound like a big deal, but once you've felt the rush, it is hard to go back to a cubicle.

Of course manufacturing not all hands-on work, there are also tons of opportunities for those who excel at math and science. Engineering is at the heart of manufacturing companies like Aeromet. However, unlike working with hypotheticals, engineering in manufacturing is the art of take a brilliant idea and turning it into a functional product. You must use your skills to create a product and a process to manufacturer it that is safe, cost-effective, and efficient. It takes a ton of problem solving skills and real world knowledge to make all three of those things a reality. That is what manufacturing is all about, answering questions and solving problems; all while creating a product people want and need.

In the end, no matter how many parts or products you need to make, be it one or a million, manufacturing is more than just putting flap A into slot B. Modern manufacturing is challenging, complex, and most importantly, extremely fulfilling to those involved. So if you are looking for the challenge of a lifetime, get up from your desk, go out, and discover the amazing world of manufacturing.