As mandrel drum specialists we have been providing mandrel repair for the steel industry for over 40 years and have provided repair services for almost every model in use today. There are many different types of mandrels and each of them may perform differently and may have a longer or shorter life span depending on what they are used for and at what frequency. However, there are some basic questions customers can when they are searching for mandrel drum repair for the steel industry.

  1. What is the typical life of the mandrel?
  2. What component of the mandrel typically fail first or is replaced most frequently?
  3. What is the typical life of that component?
  4. What technique or practice is employed in gripping the coil?

At Aeromet Industries we can provide equipment assessment, disassembly, inspection, testing, and rebuilding of mandrel drums and components. We can also offer redesigning and upgrading of your current mandrel design and unlike other steel and maintenance services, we apply a focused approach by only working on mandrels. Additionally, we can provide training to a client's staff on the proper care and maintenance for the mandrels we provide to help ensure the longevity of the mandrel.

To learn more about our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility and how we can help with your mandrel drum repair, visit our website. We also update our Twitter and LinkedIn with more steel industry news and company updates.