While it has been stated that we specialize in mandrel design and build services, we wanted to take some time to go over a few things that are specific to that task.

Q. What exactly does that mean? What exactly do we do?

A. We handle two types of mandrel manufacturing.

First, is our own mandrel. The Aeromet Mandrel Drum. We provide a complete custom mandrel with consistent core values of strength, longevity, ease of maintenance and overall robustness. We make sure that all of these things are integrated into the design.

Second, is our repair and redesign of existing equipment. When a client comes to us with failing or out of date equipment, we will first begin with an assessment. What are the problems we find from a mechanical stand point? From that determination we then speak with the client regarding their specific problems with the unit and offer possible solutions in redesign to ensure that the mechanical issues are addressed.

At times, we may come across a clients unit that is just beyond help. In those instances, when redesign is not an option either mechanically or financially, we will offer a replacement.